Thursday, March 19, 2009

We cant hold it in anymore!!

We were gonna wait till we knew the sex but we just cant do it anymore. And has anyone else noticed how many people are pregnant right now?

And here is one of the sticks i peed on...... ha ha ha I think these are so weird but I had to show some form of proof.
Ok here is the info, as of now I am almost 11 weeks which leaves me due on Oct. 9th! Right during hunting season, oops sorry Tyson;) I have a feeling that it is boy but who really knows, I would love either one. I get really sick at night times but I have only barfed once! woo hoo!! And that is getting a lot better so I really don't have anything to complain about...... except I'm coming into the stage where you definately don't look pregnant, you just look fat. YUCK! I cant wait to actually look pregnant. When does that happen? Oh and I have the worst acne ever, any advice on that? I think that's all for now.