Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here she is!!

Harley Jane was born on October 15 at 3p.m. a whopping 9lbs and 1oz 22 inches long! It was a super easy labor and delivery and we feel so blessed that we have a Healthy baby girl.
Ok here is the story, I was up in W.J. just hoping that I wouldn't be pregnant forever and Tyson was at home for work. I woke up at about 5 with contractions that were 3 4 or 5 min apart so I decided I needed to call Tyson. I was hesitant though cause my contractions really weren't that painful but rather safe than sorry right. Well he got to my house at about eight and decided that we should just go in (He was very antsy and excited). So we did. the Doctor was planning on inducing me the next day so when he came in he was very surprised to see that I was in fact in labor and I was dilated to a four and my water bag was bulging. So he broke my water and then by ten I was dilated to a 61/2 and I decided it was about time for that magical epidural. It slowed things down a little bur that was ok cause I was sleeping. So by two thirty I started pushing and by 3 we met our little baby. I cant even explain to you the feeling when they laid her on my chest it was the most spiritual experience I have ever had. The whole process was just awesome and if I didn't have to be pregnant I would totally do it again right now!
Harley is the best thing in our lives and we are so blessed to have her.