Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harley baby.

Harley is getting so big! She is 7 months old now and is quite the little sas! She is just loaded with personality, (sometimes way too much!) She throws HUGE tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants. But most of the time she is the sweetest, best baby ever! She has two teeth now and is getting like six more, her gums are super buldgy and white and you can tell they are way sensitive, poor girl. She is army crawling around everywhere and is so so close to the real thing. SHE LOVES HER DADDY! As soon as he walks in the door she literally squeals with delight.

She is pretty photogenic if I may say so myself
Harley loves to be outside. I love watching her just take everything in. She just looks at birds with amazement. When ever Duke(our cat) is around she just cant take her eyes off him. And he just lets her beat the crap out of him which is so funny. She used to love the vacuum but now is terrified of it. I need to post a video of it one day because I think it is hilarious!Tyson thinks I am way mean. I love my Har Har so much and I love to watch her learn and grow.


Shelli Dame said...

oh my freak, i might die of the cuteness!! Nothing better than baby girls in tutus! I'm coming to utah in June, and I swear on it, that I am coming down to Moroni to visit you. And we will get pizza and watch our children run out like crazy. I miss you!

Nikki and Matt said...

Sarah.. You are BEAUTIFUL! :) and Harley takes after her momma! I miss you and we didn't go out for your B-day.. I'm pretty sad about it. I still plan to celebrate with you though! So plan on it.. Love you!